TJTalks Episode 2.14 (45) – Happy New Year 2012 – It’s the end of the world!

Theresa and Judd have their finger on the pulse of what America is going to be thinking this year.  Listen up as they talk Trends, Elections, Movies, Deadpools, resolutions and much much more.

TJTalks Episode 2.13 (44) – Year 2011 in Review AKA, Kickin’ 2011 to the curb!

Theresa and Judd do a complete year in review.  One of the past mainstays of TJTalks is current events and trends.  Theresa and Judd talk about all the hot items that buzzed about in this year, from News and Quotes to Movies and Music.  Judd and Theresa cover it all.  Even more specific topics include, Big trials of the year, Passing of famous people, buzzwords like Occupy and Planking.  Royal Weddings and Anthony Wiener.  We promise, you won’t be able to un-listen to this one.  We start off with Meat and Potatoes and leave you with a nice helping of dessert.  So sit back, relax and enjoy the banter here at TJTalks.

Next week we will be covering our predictions for 2012.

TJTalks Episode 2.12 (43) – HOW DARE YOU!!!

Theresa and Judd say, “How Dare You!!!!”

You know, those situations where people do things that either annoy you or are just questionable at best.  Whether it be restaurants that charge for condiments or not replacing the toilet paper after you use the last piece, Theresa and Judd take up the cause and say, “How Dare You!”

TJTalks – New Shows for December

We’re working hard on 3 new shows for December.  Just letting you know! 🙂

TJTalks Episode 2.11 (42) – SAS – Socially Awkward Situations

Theresa and Judd tell discuss Socially Awkward Situations.

Theresa and Judd have a bowl of situations that they randomly have pulled and spend just a few minutes talking about these situations.

What would you in a situation like seeing someone with their fly down, or even worse.

And finally Theresa reveals her most awkward and embarrassing situation. Don’t be drinking when you listen, unless you enjoy having liquids go up your nose. 😉

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