TJTalks episode 2.25 (56) – Vacation… That’s all we ever wanted!

Today on the Podcast:

The topic is Vacation. And no, Theresa is not on vacation, she’s working her butt off!!! but today, we have a special guest, Ellen Little. She is a Toastmaster here in Florida and a small business owner that helps new business get off the ground. Today they tackle the one thing that every hard working American needs and that’s a vacation.

They talk worst, best, cheapest and finally the dream vacation. It’s all here on

TJTalks episode 2.24 (55) – To be or not to be a Cynic, that is the question!

Today on the Podcast:

Theresa and Judd are burnt out on all of these companies and people who have motives really aren’t as pure as they claim to be. So is cynacism is invading our mindspace? Take the Cynacism Quiz, consider what to be cynical about, and why you shouldn’t be cynical.

They wrap it all up with a great quote from Anne Frank.

TJTalks episode 2.23 (54) – How to make $1,000,000 (In our dreams)

Today on the Podcast:

Theresa and Judd really want to be part of the 1%, you know, filthy rich! So today on the Podcast they brainstorm all sorts of ways to make a million bucks.

Todays talk includes, what they’d do with the money.

What they could do to get the money, both the easy way and the hardway.

What crazy things have been done that have made some quick millionaires out of people.

TJTalks episode 2.22 (53) – What is Sexy?


Today on the Podcast:


Theresa and Judd tackle the age old question of what is sexy. They go over 11 different things that a person can do to be sexier. Learn about how sexiness is not just a few from one person’s eye, but it’s also your perception about yourself.

At the end of the podcast is a bonus interview with William Bender, a Distinguished Toastmaster from Florida.

TJTalks episode 2.21 (52) – Hypothetical Questions – Would you, could you, in a box?

Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Suess is probably a fairytale of Hypothetical Questions, and yet we learn and yearn to ask crazy questions.  More than that, we happily answer them as well.

In this podcast we talk Celebrity Dead Pools, Oscars, but mainly Hypothetical Questions.