TJTalks 5.16 (92) – TJTalks – Booze and *Cough*

In this 30ish minute podcast today, we are tackling the tough topics.

  • Booze or Masturbation – Can you give it up for 30 days?
  • How much Sleep do you actually need?
  • Are we living in the worst time of the world, ever?

TJTalks 5.15 (91) – TJTalks – I hope they do some probing!

We’re talking today:

  • Summer, Exercise and staying in shape.
  • Love Letter from Warren G.
  • Charlie Sheen at Taco Bell
  • Malaysian Airline downed in Russia
  • Weird Al and his videos
  • The Facebook Experiment


TJTalks 5.14 (90) – TJTalks – Sacred Honor!

Imagine, getting together with a bunch of your friends and pledging your Lives, your Fortunes, and your Sacred Honor!  Well a bunch of your fellow citizens did just that, some 238 Years ago.  So party like it’s 1776, but remember why you’re doing it!

On this podcast Judd reads The Declaration of Independence.

We’ll be back with another podcast filled with witty banter, soon. 🙂