TJTalks 6.8 (105) – TJTalks – One Space Only

In no particular order, Theresa and Judd tackle these topics of wonder.

  • Little Bit Techie Talk, iPhone 6S iOS9
  • Politics
  • #makeamericagreatagain
  • Liberal Mindset from schools
  • Can you piss people off that apologies don’t matter?
  • Diversity Hollywood –
  • Late Night TV Hosts –

TJTalks 5.19 (95) – TJTalks – TrintGate

  • Trint-gate or why don’t I just message you for sex?
  • Tony Stewart
  • Bend-Gazi  iPhone 6 bends
  • Emma Watson
  • Strikes on ISIS
  • Korizone
  • Show and Tell
  • Groups on Facebook – and the quick app for photo edits
  • Gone Girl by Jillian Flynn
  • MyFitnessPal

TJTalks 5.18 (94) – TJTalks – True Intentions: To Talk Talk Talk!

Theresa and Judd give you a bonus of at least 15 minutes more than you want, so enjoy it while you can….  They are talking all the juicy dish of the day!

  • iOS8, iPhone 6 etc.
  • Joan Rivers and more…
  • Celeb Chat…  iPhone/iCloud Scandal
  • The Trintme App… (Totally sorry/Not sorry)
  • Scotland and other current events
  • Facebook Quizzes!!!!
  • Show and Tell Segment
    • Problem with fitbit
    • Theresa’s 2 special items (Listen to find out)

TJTalks 5.2 (78) – TJTalks – Dry Twerking

Come on… Everyone’s doing it!!!

Ok, We’re talking lots of stuff today.

  • iPhones… over 9 Million sold, iOS7, Blackberry… out of business
  • Emmy’s: Who’s watching? Did your favorite win
  • Navy Shooter
  •  Superheroes: Wonderwoman, do Blondes and Redheads feel inferior that they don’t have this perennial superhero that girls can look up to?