TJTalks Episode 3.3 (63) – Two Tears in a Bucket… List!

TJTalks – Season 3

Theresa is away on assignment, however Judd is in the house.  He’s talking about Memorial Day and he reveals his very own Bucket List.

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TJTalks Episode 3.2 (62) – Theresa says Impromptu Speaking involves the use of copious notes.

TJTalks – Season 3

Theresa gave a presentation as part of a Toastmasters seminar called a Speech Craft. Her presentation was on impromptu speaking. After the presenation there was a Q and A session, but for today we are just concentrating on the presentation.

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TJTalks Episode 3.1 (61) – You’re only as good as your last launch!

TJTalks – Season 3

Today we talk Space with Cathy McKee, who is part of the @NasaTweetup.

Then we bring you up to speed on Klout now that we’ve played with it.

Finally we talk some fitness! Lets all get back in shape. We want to look great for summer and really just be healthy!.

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TJTalks Episode 2.29 (60) – Green M&M’s… Do they make you horny baby!?

Today we talk green M&M’s, Richard Gere, Van Halen, Jesse Ventura and more…

Yes Urban Myths and Conspiracy Theories are what we’re all about today on TJTalks.

Then we follow it with a talk on

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TJTalks Episode 2.28 (59) – Dick Clark gone… but maybe not for long (a Mini Cast).

TJTalks a Mini-Podcast

Dick Clark, ICON of TV and Radio passed away today at age 82. Well known for the Generation X crowd. Some thoughts about that and other Deadpool items for your consideration.

TJTalks Episode 2.27 (58) – Ya Gonna Eat That?

Today on the Podcast:

Peeps! and Easter Candy

Passover Foods

What’s in that?:

-Pink Slime

-Starbucks Beetles

Horrible Food Facts

There’s arsenic in that apple juice.

TJTalks episode 2.26 (57) – Act your age… minus 10 years.

Today on the Podcast:

Act your age! Grow up! Well unless your Theresa and Judd… They are still working out the “what do you want to be when you grow up” thing.  Today they will talk about what age they believe they are, and how much they’ve grown up in the last 20 years.  After that they give each other some difficult questions to ponder.

TJTalks episode 2.25 (56) – Vacation… That’s all we ever wanted!

Today on the Podcast:

The topic is Vacation. And no, Theresa is not on vacation, she’s working her butt off!!! but today, we have a special guest, Ellen Little. She is a Toastmaster here in Florida and a small business owner that helps new business get off the ground. Today they tackle the one thing that every hard working American needs and that’s a vacation.

They talk worst, best, cheapest and finally the dream vacation. It’s all here on

TJTalks episode 2.24 (55) – To be or not to be a Cynic, that is the question!

Today on the Podcast:

Theresa and Judd are burnt out on all of these companies and people who have motives really aren’t as pure as they claim to be. So is cynacism is invading our mindspace? Take the Cynacism Quiz, consider what to be cynical about, and why you shouldn’t be cynical.

They wrap it all up with a great quote from Anne Frank.

TJTalks episode 2.23 (54) – How to make $1,000,000 (In our dreams)

Today on the Podcast:

Theresa and Judd really want to be part of the 1%, you know, filthy rich! So today on the Podcast they brainstorm all sorts of ways to make a million bucks.

Todays talk includes, what they’d do with the money.

What they could do to get the money, both the easy way and the hardway.

What crazy things have been done that have made some quick millionaires out of people.