TJTalks Episode 2.12 (43) – HOW DARE YOU!!!

Theresa and Judd say, “How Dare You!!!!”

You know, those situations where people do things that either annoy you or are just questionable at best.  Whether it be restaurants that charge for condiments or not replacing the toilet paper after you use the last piece, Theresa and Judd take up the cause and say, “How Dare You!”

TJTalks – New Shows for December

We’re working hard on 3 new shows for December.  Just letting you know! 🙂

TJTalks Episode 2.11 (42) – SAS – Socially Awkward Situations

Theresa and Judd tell discuss Socially Awkward Situations.

Theresa and Judd have a bowl of situations that they randomly have pulled and spend just a few minutes talking about these situations.

What would you in a situation like seeing someone with their fly down, or even worse.

And finally Theresa reveals her most awkward and embarrassing situation. Don’t be drinking when you listen, unless you enjoy having liquids go up your nose. 😉

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TJTalks Episode 2.10 (41) – 7 Deadly Sins – GLUTTONY

Theresa and Judd explore the 7 Deadly Sins. This episode looks at Gluttony.

Food Glorious Food. Today we discuss What is Gluttony. Why do holidays bring out the best in Gluttony, How has our TV Watching of the Food Network and Travel Channel made us more desiring to be a glutton and the Juddmental segment talks about the Haves and Have-nots on this Thanksgiving.

So grab a Fork and dig in to some TJTalks!

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TJTalks Episode 2.7 (38) – Cosmo Vs. Maxim

The debate continues right here… Women Vs. Men… Magazine Vs. Magazine. Who is the naughtiest? Who is selling Sex to their respective gender? Theresa and Judd take on this daunting battle to discover what magazine is the worst of the worst, or is it the best of the best.

We break it down from Cover to Cover in this revealing podcast… and we even may do one of those Juicy Cosmo Quizes that they are famous for. So stick around, put your fingers in your kids ears and listen up to TJTalks!