TJTalks 6.8 (105) – TJTalks – One Space Only

In no particular order, Theresa and Judd tackle these topics of wonder.

  • Little Bit Techie Talk, iPhone 6S iOS9
  • Politics
  • #makeamericagreatagain
  • Liberal Mindset from schools
  • Can you piss people off that apologies don’t matter?
  • Diversity Hollywood –
  • Late Night TV Hosts –

TJTalks 6.6 (103) – TJTalks – Political Theater

Theresa and Judd talk about:

  • Political Theater – Trump, Sanders, etc…
  • Motivated to succeed
  • Running
  • Movies

TJTalks 6.5 (102) – TJTalks – Oh Monica

Theresa and Judd talk about:

  • Monica Lewinsky and her TED Talk
  • Bubble Run
  • LootCrate
  • The State of Music
  • The Nano the return.

TJTalks 5.18 (94) – TJTalks – True Intentions: To Talk Talk Talk!

Theresa and Judd give you a bonus of at least 15 minutes more than you want, so enjoy it while you can….  They are talking all the juicy dish of the day!

  • iOS8, iPhone 6 etc.
  • Joan Rivers and more…
  • Celeb Chat…  iPhone/iCloud Scandal
  • The Trintme App… (Totally sorry/Not sorry)
  • Scotland and other current events
  • Facebook Quizzes!!!!
  • Show and Tell Segment
    • Problem with fitbit
    • Theresa’s 2 special items (Listen to find out)

TJTalks 5.17 (93) – TJTalks – The Shazam & ISIS hour

Today on the Podcast we talk Motivation, Perspiration and Respiration…

  • Ice Bucket Challenge – What’s up with that?
  • Excerise!!! 🙂 We’re still going strong, right?
  • Israel/ISIS/Journalist that got beheaded, social media war. Godwin’s Law
  • Finally, Summer Songs… Summer is almost over, but what’s the song?

TJTalks 5.7 (83) – TJTalks – An Oscar Salute to the Ukraine!

Welcome to TJ Talks, we’re talking a bunch of things, including:

  • What the hell is going on in the Ukraine, and why should we care.
  • Fitness Monitoring
  • Watch that counts down until we die
  • Body Hair
  • Oscars

TJTalks 5.5 (81) – TJTalks – National TJTalks Listening Day is today.

Topics for today, and we have a lot of them!!!

  1. Christy-Gate & Bill de Blasio eats pizza with a fork, al a Trump Style.
  2. 17 Signs your in a serious relationship with your iPhone/tech device.
  3. 10 Scientifically Proven Ways to Be happy at your job.
  4.  Crazy National Day falls on your birthday
  5.  Oscar Nominations
  6. So long Professor and Partridge Family Band Manager.
  7.  1/2 Marathon Run