TJTalks 109 – TJTalks – Gold Medal Podcast

  • We are talking about the “Science” of Astrology.
  • A bible story
  • Fitbit Teasing – And a bet status update
  • and Judd’s Birthday! Turning 29

TJTalks 108 – TJTalks – Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water!

Judd and Theresa talk Pokemon and politics!

TJTalks 7.0 (106) – TJTalks – 2016 Already! Oh No!

We’ve been doing this podcast for a while.  Theresa has been unavailable due to other obligations for a while, so I thought I’d get a podcast out there and catch you up with what I have going on.  It’s worth a listen to today. 🙂

Expect exciting and different things to come in the future, because the future is what we make of it.



TJTalks 6.7 (104) – TJTalks – Pumpkin Spice

Clear your browser cache everyone, it’s time for those two irreverent talking heads, Theresa and Judd.  They are tackling the tough topics today.  It’s an hour, but worth it!

  • Glass Houses: Life is short, have a podcast
  • Ashley Madison
  • Josh Dugger
  • Jared, The Subway guy
  • Bill Cosby
  • Kim Davis KY Clerk of Court
  • VMA’s

TJTalks 6.3 (100) – TJTalks – Achievement Unlocked – 100 Episodes

With great privilege and fanfare we announced the 100th Podcast of TJTalks.  Looking back at our body of work, it has been a lot of learning and growing and we really have something cool to listen to.  From our early podcasts which are not as high of quality as our current offerings, but still edgy as ever.  So sit back, relax and enjoy this 100th episode.

Our Topics are:

  • Whatcha Drinkin’!
  • 100 Episodes
  • Valentine’s Day and 50 Shades of Bullshit
  • ISIS – World War III
  • Vaccinations
  • Jon Stewart/Brian Williams
  • Fitbit challenge talk.
  • Show and Tell

This episode contains about 10 minutes of bonus clips at the end.  Hope you enjoy.

TJTalks 6.1 (98) – TJTalks – The Dopiest Thing I’ve Ever Heard!

For the first 45 or so minutes sit back and relax, while Theresa grills Judd on his Dopey Challenge at Walt Disney World.  Be inspired as Judd regales you with his tales of struggle, inch by inch to make it over the finish line…

Then we cover professional cuddling.

Finally we go over Glitterbombs for your enemies and make them look fabulous.

We wrap it up with Show and Tell, then we’re out of time.

Send us your feedback. We are working hard on our goal of 35 podcasts this year. 1 down, 34 to go.

TJTalks 5.21 (97) – TJTalks – Feet to the Fire!

Lots to talk about to get this year closed up and a new one started.

First we’ll talk our general gibber jabber!  When will Judd stop this running nonsense?

Then we’ll run down our topics to include productivity for 2015, because resolutions are just a way your self up for failure? Right? Wrong? tell us!

Then we’ll run down the big movies of the holidays and the year.

We’ll talk the big news item for the year.

Then our well awaited event! our Celebrity Death Pool… and you can see the one we looked at for this podcast at:

Then we close it up, but listen after the credits for a surprise.

Happy 2015 Theresa and Judd

TJTalks 5.20 (96) – TJTalks – No Gangam Style For You!

  • Ebola
  • Cat calling
  • Can you be fired for Kink?
  • Fitbit and challenges for exercise.
  • Show and tell

TJTalks 5.13 (89) – TJTalks – Whip it good!

  • Down goes Cantor
  • Orange is the New Black out on Netflix
  • Home Grown Terrorists
  • Gun Violence, not a real statical change.
  • Solar Roads

TJTalks 5.12 (88) – TJTalks – Fantasyland

We are talking about:

  • VA Problems
  • Kanye and the Kardashians
  • Diet and Exercise
  • Fantasyland’s New Mine Ride (in Florida)

A Memorial day podcast.