TJTalks 5.3 (79) – TJTalks – Breaking Bad New Year

Talking it up and getting this year started off right.

  • Netflix
    • Breaking Bad
    • Orange is the New Black
    • House of Cards
  • New Years Resolutions
  • Dead Pool

TJTalks 5.2 (78) – TJTalks – Dry Twerking

Come on… Everyone’s doing it!!!

Ok, We’re talking lots of stuff today.

  • iPhones… over 9 Million sold, iOS7, Blackberry… out of business
  • Emmy’s: Who’s watching? Did your favorite win
  • Navy Shooter
  •  Superheroes: Wonderwoman, do Blondes and Redheads feel inferior that they don’t have this perennial superhero that girls can look up to?

TJTalks 5.1 (77) – TJTalks – Down with TJTalks

TJTalks 4.4 (74) – TJTalks – Judd has the Deck and the Conn

TJTalks – Season 4

  • Happy New Year – Kicking off January is Judd, just talking about things as if he was in a booth at a LA Radio station back in the ’80 on the night shift. Talking about whatever comes into his head at the moment. If he could be spinning records for ya, he would. Listen to him Ramble on about all sorts of fun nonsense… it’s all here, on

    TJTalks features Your host, Judd

TJTalks 3.10 (70) – TJTalks – I’m Blushing Birthday Blues.

Birthdays and Crazy Birthdays

When Comedy goes over the top.


Movie Reviews

TJTalks features Your hosts, Judd and Theresa today all in this (Once again) extended TJTalks episode.