TJTalks 5.18 (94) – TJTalks – True Intentions: To Talk Talk Talk!

Theresa and Judd give you a bonus of at least 15 minutes more than you want, so enjoy it while you can….  They are talking all the juicy dish of the day!

  • iOS8, iPhone 6 etc.
  • Joan Rivers and more…
  • Celeb Chat…  iPhone/iCloud Scandal
  • The Trintme App… (Totally sorry/Not sorry)
  • Scotland and other current events
  • Facebook Quizzes!!!!
  • Show and Tell Segment
    • Problem with fitbit
    • Theresa’s 2 special items (Listen to find out)

TJTalks Episode 3.1 (61) – You’re only as good as your last launch!

TJTalks – Season 3

Today we talk Space with Cathy McKee, who is part of the @NasaTweetup.

Then we bring you up to speed on Klout now that we’ve played with it.

Finally we talk some fitness! Lets all get back in shape. We want to look great for summer and really just be healthy!.

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