Logo for the Podcast

We’re looking for a logo… he’s something I did quick and dirty, actually using my watercolors.  Then photographed it with the iPhone, moved it to my iPad, used Brushes and PS Mobile on it, then brought it into PS Elements for some final editiing.

What do you think?

Before final editing.

We are on Itunes!

Wow, we are on Itunes!  It’s official…you can download us onto an Ipod.  Sound quality will improve with time (as will my radio co-hosting skills).  We will continue to ask you listeners for topic ideas so please contribute your thoughts. Thanks for downloading.

Off the Road Racing (and outta my mind)

In one of our weekly segments on TJTalks we discussed the “Scariest moment” of my life…you’d think it would be something monumental (child birth, death of a parent) NAH, for me it has definitely been my experiences racing off road with a group of friends here in So Cal & Souther Nevada.  Exhilerating, adrenaline filled and dangerous are the best adjectives I can use to describe these experiences. Here are some pics…