TJTalks 6.2 (99) – TJTalks – #SorryNotSorry

Here we are at our last episode before our Centennial Show.  Send us a quick audio clip that you can record and send to us that we will play on the show.  But first, listen to Episode 99 where we get into all this awesome topics:

TJTalks 5.18 (94) – TJTalks – True Intentions: To Talk Talk Talk!

Theresa and Judd give you a bonus of at least 15 minutes more than you want, so enjoy it while you can….  They are talking all the juicy dish of the day!

  • iOS8, iPhone 6 etc.
  • Joan Rivers and more…
  • Celeb Chat…  iPhone/iCloud Scandal
  • The Trintme App… (Totally sorry/Not sorry)
  • Scotland and other current events
  • Facebook Quizzes!!!!
  • Show and Tell Segment
    • Problem with fitbit
    • Theresa’s 2 special items (Listen to find out)

TJTalks 5.15 (91) – TJTalks – I hope they do some probing!

We’re talking today:

  • Summer, Exercise and staying in shape.
  • Love Letter from Warren G.
  • Charlie Sheen at Taco Bell
  • Malaysian Airline downed in Russia
  • Weird Al and his videos
  • The Facebook Experiment


TJTalks 5.10 (86) – TJTalks – Remember it’s Golden

  • Small Talk, paying for metered parking.
  • Slate has jumped the shark
  • Girls can stand to pee, and cootie catchers?
  • Facebook talk
  • Apple Ads
  • High School Boys, 40% say they have been molested.
  • And much much more.