TJTalks 5.18 (94) – TJTalks – True Intentions: To Talk Talk Talk!

Theresa and Judd give you a bonus of at least 15 minutes more than you want, so enjoy it while you can….  They are talking all the juicy dish of the day!

  • iOS8, iPhone 6 etc.
  • Joan Rivers and more…
  • Celeb Chat…  iPhone/iCloud Scandal
  • The Trintme App… (Totally sorry/Not sorry)
  • Scotland and other current events
  • Facebook Quizzes!!!!
  • Show and Tell Segment
    • Problem with fitbit
    • Theresa’s 2 special items (Listen to find out)

TJTalks 5.15 (91) – TJTalks – I hope they do some probing!

We’re talking today:

  • Summer, Exercise and staying in shape.
  • Love Letter from Warren G.
  • Charlie Sheen at Taco Bell
  • Malaysian Airline downed in Russia
  • Weird Al and his videos
  • The Facebook Experiment


TJTalks episode 2.20 (51) – 7 Deadly Sins – Just what you’ve been Lusting for!

LUST – One of the many 7 Deadly Sins!

Well, Happy Ashley Madison Day… that would be the day after Valentine’s day that sporned women to sign up for this dating website on Feb 15th… And that brings us to the debate and discussion on that one 7 deadly sin known as LUST.

Today Theresa and Judd take on that deadly sin with help starting from a quote from Jimmy Carter, who admitted to Lusting in his heart.

We’ll look at the Bibical aspect.

Lust Vs. Love

Since we think of Lust as what guys do, do girls lust?

Sexuality in America

And Valentine’s day.

TJTalks Episode 2.7 (38) – Cosmo Vs. Maxim

The debate continues right here… Women Vs. Men… Magazine Vs. Magazine. Who is the naughtiest? Who is selling Sex to their respective gender? Theresa and Judd take on this daunting battle to discover what magazine is the worst of the worst, or is it the best of the best.

We break it down from Cover to Cover in this revealing podcast… and we even may do one of those Juicy Cosmo Quizes that they are famous for. So stick around, put your fingers in your kids ears and listen up to TJTalks!