TJTalks 6.8 (105) – TJTalks – One Space Only

In no particular order, Theresa and Judd tackle these topics of wonder.

  • Little Bit Techie Talk, iPhone 6S iOS9
  • Politics
  • #makeamericagreatagain
  • Liberal Mindset from schools
  • Can you piss people off that apologies don’t matter?
  • Diversity Hollywood –
  • Late Night TV Hosts –

TJTalks 6.7 (104) – TJTalks – Pumpkin Spice

Clear your browser cache everyone, it’s time for those two irreverent talking heads, Theresa and Judd.  They are tackling the tough topics today.  It’s an hour, but worth it!

  • Glass Houses: Life is short, have a podcast
  • Ashley Madison
  • Josh Dugger
  • Jared, The Subway guy
  • Bill Cosby
  • Kim Davis KY Clerk of Court
  • VMA’s