TJTalks 5.19 (95) – TJTalks – TrintGate

  • Trint-gate or why don’t I just message you for sex?
  • Tony Stewart
  • Bend-Gazi  iPhone 6 bends
  • Emma Watson
  • Strikes on ISIS
  • Korizone
  • Show and Tell
  • Groups on Facebook – and the quick app for photo edits
  • Gone Girl by Jillian Flynn
  • MyFitnessPal

TJTalks 5.10 (86) – TJTalks – Remember it’s Golden

  • Small Talk, paying for metered parking.
  • Slate has jumped the shark
  • Girls can stand to pee, and cootie catchers?
  • Facebook talk
  • Apple Ads
  • High School Boys, 40% say they have been molested.
  • And much much more.

TJTalks 5.6 (82) – TJTalks – Chocolate 50% Off on Saturday.

Topics for today… Not too shabby… We have 5 of them.

  1. Philip Seymour Hoffman & Shirley Temple
  2. Movies… Legos
  3. Facebook turns 10.
  4.  Olympics
  5.  More Clinton Scandal

TJTalks 5.5 (81) – TJTalks – National TJTalks Listening Day is today.

Topics for today, and we have a lot of them!!!

  1. Christy-Gate & Bill de Blasio eats pizza with a fork, al a Trump Style.
  2. 17 Signs your in a serious relationship with your iPhone/tech device.
  3. 10 Scientifically Proven Ways to Be happy at your job.
  4.  Crazy National Day falls on your birthday
  5.  Oscar Nominations
  6. So long Professor and Partridge Family Band Manager.
  7.  1/2 Marathon Run

TJTalks 5.4 (80) – TJTalks – Welcome to Our Drinking Game

Happy New Year ladies and gentlemen.

On today’s show:

Beautiful Existence (yes, that is her real name) says she committed herself to consuming only Starbucks-affiliated drinks and foods, including Roy Street Coffee & Tea, Tazo Tea and Evolution Fresh, for 365 days.

On New Year’s Eve, Natasha Leggero made a joke about World War II veterans during NBC’s live coverage that immediately resulted in a backlash. But the comedian has made it clear she is not sorry.

40 Things I Can Do at 40 That I Couldn’t Do When I Was 20

There are lots of explicit conversation in this podcast.  Take a drink anytime you hear a “Naughty Word”. 😀

TJTalks 5.3 (79) – TJTalks – Breaking Bad New Year

Talking it up and getting this year started off right.

  • Netflix
    • Breaking Bad
    • Orange is the New Black
    • House of Cards
  • New Years Resolutions
  • Dead Pool

TJTalks 5.2 (78) – TJTalks – Dry Twerking

Come on… Everyone’s doing it!!!

Ok, We’re talking lots of stuff today.

  • iPhones… over 9 Million sold, iOS7, Blackberry… out of business
  • Emmy’s: Who’s watching? Did your favorite win
  • Navy Shooter
  •  Superheroes: Wonderwoman, do Blondes and Redheads feel inferior that they don’t have this perennial superhero that girls can look up to?

TJTalks 4.4 (74) – TJTalks – Judd has the Deck and the Conn

TJTalks – Season 4

  • Happy New Year – Kicking off January is Judd, just talking about things as if he was in a booth at a LA Radio station back in the ’80 on the night shift. Talking about whatever comes into his head at the moment. If he could be spinning records for ya, he would. Listen to him Ramble on about all sorts of fun nonsense… it’s all here, on

    TJTalks features Your host, Judd