TJTalks 5.15 (91) – TJTalks – I hope they do some probing!

We’re talking today:

  • Summer, Exercise and staying in shape.
  • Love Letter from Warren G.
  • Charlie Sheen at Taco Bell
  • Malaysian Airline downed in Russia
  • Weird Al and his videos
  • The Facebook Experiment


TJTalks 4.4 (74) – TJTalks – Judd has the Deck and the Conn

TJTalks – Season 4

  • Happy New Year – Kicking off January is Judd, just talking about things as if he was in a booth at a LA Radio station back in the ’80 on the night shift. Talking about whatever comes into his head at the moment. If he could be spinning records for ya, he would. Listen to him Ramble on about all sorts of fun nonsense… it’s all here, on

    TJTalks features Your host, Judd

TJTalks Episode 2.15 (46) – Music – Because it matters

Well here we are in January of 2012. Our topic for today is Music. Something easy and light to start of the year. We have a special guest Roxanne, who agreed to join us as we wade through the many different things that are important regarding Music.

We’re talking music that inspires, makes us sad, exercise music, the future of music, the death of radio, how our musical tastes have been shaped, parodies and kids music and so much more.

This is TJTalks and we’re just getting started.