Logo for the Podcast

We’re looking for a logo… he’s something I did quick and dirty, actually using my watercolors.  Then photographed it with the iPhone, moved it to my iPad, used Brushes and PS Mobile on it, then brought it into PS Elements for some final editiing.

What do you think?

Before final editing.

Pilot Show Number 2


Pilot #2 will be done this Wednesday.  We’re working pretty hard at developing our topics and strategy to bring a great quality show each week.  Your feedback would be excellent to help us know what you enjoyed or didn’t enjoy.  We do have a plan, and this website will be the focal point of our podcast.  Once we get the first official podcast down, you’ll be able to find it at iTunes with no problem at all. (I hope).



East Coast meets West Coast PODCAST Style

That’s right, you heard it here. It’s time for a show for the Gen X crowd, and we are here to bring it to you every week. We are a Podcast team from Coast-to-Coast bringing a multi-coast perspective on things.

From the West Coast, T brings us that Pacific flair and style that can only be from Southern California.

From the East Coast, J brings us that Atlantic moxy and tech savy insight hailing from Cape Canaveral.

Both are Southern California Native who have landed right here, ready to take on the topics of interest, the topics of the day.

Honest, Insightful, and Introspective! TJTalks