TJTalks episode 2.22 (53) – What is Sexy?


Today on the Podcast:


Theresa and Judd tackle the age old question of what is sexy. They go over 11 different things that a person can do to be sexier. Learn about how sexiness is not just a few from one person’s eye, but it’s also your perception about yourself.

At the end of the podcast is a bonus interview with William Bender, a Distinguished Toastmaster from Florida.

TJTalks episode 2.21 (52) – Hypothetical Questions – Would you, could you, in a box?

Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Suess is probably a fairytale of Hypothetical Questions, and yet we learn and yearn to ask crazy questions.  More than that, we happily answer them as well.

In this podcast we talk Celebrity Dead Pools, Oscars, but mainly Hypothetical Questions.

TJTalks episode 2.20 (51) – 7 Deadly Sins – Just what you’ve been Lusting for!

LUST – One of the many 7 Deadly Sins!

Well, Happy Ashley Madison Day… that would be the day after Valentine’s day that sporned women to sign up for this dating website on Feb 15th… And that brings us to the debate and discussion on that one 7 deadly sin known as LUST.

Today Theresa and Judd take on that deadly sin with help starting from a quote from Jimmy Carter, who admitted to Lusting in his heart.

We’ll look at the Bibical aspect.

Lust Vs. Love

Since we think of Lust as what guys do, do girls lust?

Sexuality in America

And Valentine’s day.

TJTalks episode 2.19 (50) – Disney it’s a West Coast vs East Coast thing.

Today’s podcast is a recording from back in November when Judd visited California for a few days and went with Theresa to Disneyland.

Here is the conversation about the differences, a compare and contrast of Disney West Vs. East.

Join us next week as we tackle a Deadly Sin just in time for Valentine’s Day….

TJTalks Episode 2.18 (49) – Sloth!!! And we’re not talking 3 toed animals.


Today’s podcast is … Well maybe we’ll get to it soon… Um… well… actually today’s podcast is all about Sloth. One of the great 7 deadly sins.


We look at a Bibilical Perspective.

Conversing about um… stuff…


I’m feeling a bit slothy… Just listen up, i’m sure you’ll be totally entertained! 🙂

TJTalks Episode 2.17 (48) – Envy, We want YOU!

Today’s podcast is filled with not just our take on another Deadly Sin, Envy… We also talk about the SOPA/PIPA law that was being protested today (Jan 18, 2012), a situation where Theresa talks about changing a flat tire and Judd talks about a Tweet taken out of context.

As far as Envy goes, Judd explains what Envy is all about and how it is different from Jealousy. Theresa talks about Facebook envy and finally, Judd and Theresa reveal 5 different things that they are each envious about it!

There are tasty nuggets to hear

Uncle Bonsai – on YouTube

TJTalks Episode 2.16 (47) – Sleep, come get ya some!

Everyone needs some beauty rest, right… We’re talking about the stages of sleep, How much do we need. What our thoughts on bed/body orientation, sleeping disorders, insomnia and dreams.

So get your pillow and lay down and listen to SLEEP.

TJTalks Episode 2.15 (46) – Music – Because it matters

Well here we are in January of 2012. Our topic for today is Music. Something easy and light to start of the year. We have a special guest Roxanne, who agreed to join us as we wade through the many different things that are important regarding Music.

We’re talking music that inspires, makes us sad, exercise music, the future of music, the death of radio, how our musical tastes have been shaped, parodies and kids music and so much more.

This is TJTalks and we’re just getting started.

TJTalks Episode 2.14 (45) – Happy New Year 2012 – It’s the end of the world!

Theresa and Judd have their finger on the pulse of what America is going to be thinking this year.  Listen up as they talk Trends, Elections, Movies, Deadpools, resolutions and much much more.

TJTalks Episode 2.13 (44) – Year 2011 in Review AKA, Kickin’ 2011 to the curb!

Theresa and Judd do a complete year in review.  One of the past mainstays of TJTalks is current events and trends.  Theresa and Judd talk about all the hot items that buzzed about in this year, from News and Quotes to Movies and Music.  Judd and Theresa cover it all.  Even more specific topics include, Big trials of the year, Passing of famous people, buzzwords like Occupy and Planking.  Royal Weddings and Anthony Wiener.  We promise, you won’t be able to un-listen to this one.  We start off with Meat and Potatoes and leave you with a nice helping of dessert.  So sit back, relax and enjoy the banter here at TJTalks.

Next week we will be covering our predictions for 2012.